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who we are? Freak!

Advshare is a marketing platform, we sell advertising credit to our members. Members can use these credits to market their business in form of banner ads, text ads, login ads and much more. We provide a launchpad for your business and at the same time and opportunity for our members to make money at the same time as we share all the revenue we generate with our members every second.

our Mission

At Advshare our mission is to develop a marketplace that will change the perception of how most of people out there look into revenue sharing industry. We are totally determined to change the rules of the industry and take it to whole another level.

our team

Our team includes some of the legends of the industry who thoroughly understands rules of the industry and determined to take it to new levels. Our team acquires a combined experience of over 20 years following the industry.

our goals

We are here to stand out and provide a marketing platform that most out there seek for. Keeping our members happy and satisfied at any cost is our top priority, we understand the value of good relationship with members.

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